The Many Names of Marijuana

Marijuana Names & Slang Terms

The list of marijuana names is enormous. The most common marijuana term is “weed”, which is an excellent description due to how easily it spreads and grows. “Cannabis” is another ubiquitous term used in replacement of “Marijuana”. “Pot” is another common nickname; this term has less obvious reasons for its use, but it may go back to the way people used to store their weed. “Grass” has an obvious origin, and “dope was first used derogatorily but gained mainstream popularity in the sixties. “Hemp” comes from the Old English name for it, also known as “henep”.

Less common nicknames for marijuana are ganja, bud, wacky tobacky, dank, skunk, chronic, chron, reefer, kush, jolly green, endo, broccoli, cheeba, giggle weed, good-good, green, hay, kiff, mary jane, mj, mary, swag, trees…and the list goes on. Some of these terms have obvious roots, and some are just mysteries with etymologies that have seemingly gone up in smoke.

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