A Beginners Look into Concentrates & Dabs

If you’re new to the cannabis scene, it’s likely you’ve heard of or have witnessed someone taking a ‘dab’. It’s not the crazy new wave dance move that you see on social media – at least, not in the marijuana context. Rather, ‘dabbing’ is a method of smoking potent marijuana concentrates or ‘extracts’.

So, what are Concentrates?


In the past decade or so, the marijuana revolution has brought with it some inventive and downright brilliant technologies & innovations. One of these great innovations that is still relatively new to the scene are Concentrates (also referred to as Extracts)!

Historically, people who smoke weed have always been looking for ways to achieve the desired mind-altering, euphoric, and lifted state of mind in the most efficient way possible. Whether it be through the method that the plant is grown (from outdoors to hydroponically), how it is consumed, and now – how the active ingredients that get you high are extracted!

What do you mean by Extracted?

Although there are hundreds, if not, thousands of cannabinoids in marijuana, THC and Terpenes are the molecules that chemists and scientists have the most interest in; they are believed to be the main components in marijuana that get you high.

So of course, this has led to people finding the best way to isolate these molecules. Thus, the birth of concentrates.

Concentrates, simply put, are the most potent form of THC extracted from the bud itself.

Think about it this way: A platinum AAAA rated strain, like our Wedding Cake boasts a whopping 23.83% THC. That is a very potent strain and a lot of THC!


But, in comparison, a high quality concentrate like our Cherry OG Shatter has a lab tested THC content of 89.55% THC. That is no walk in the park! And to an inexperienced consumer, it can quickly become an intense and overwhelming experience.

How are the THC and Terpenes Extracted from the Bud?

There are many various methods of extracting THC and Terpenes from the marijuana bud itself. Each method of extraction results in a different final product too. For the sake of this article, we will stick to Solvent Extraction – which results in, among many others, a final product of Shatter.

Solvent Extraction Method


Solvent extraction is using chemicals to separate THC and Terpenes from the plant matter. Commonly used solvents are:

  • isopropyl alcohol
  • acetone
  • propane
  • butane
  • methanol, and more.

These sound like some heavy duty chemicals right? Well, they are. That is why solvent extraction is dangerous and should be left to professionals with laboratories.

But fear not! The concentration of residual hydrocarbons (depending on the extraction method) is below 500 PPM (0.05%). To put things in perspective, you inhale about 500  PPM of Butane when you light a joint or smoke a bowl with a lighter!

How Many Concentrates are there?

There are a lot! And there are always new concentrates coming out as well as new extraction methods coming into play.

And according to StatsCan, 31.6% of surveyed Males use concentrates as their method of consumption. That is a pretty significant percentage of people who ‘dab’ or vape concentrates!

cold, smooth & tasty..pngCredit: Jeremy D.


The most popular concentrates or ‘extracts’ tend to be Shatter, Oils, and Distillates. All of which are available on our Online Shop!

We hoped you walked away from this article having learned a thing or two about Concentrates and Dabs.

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